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Le 28 August 2006, par Jeff,

Origine du granite fini-archéen de Closepet (Inde du Sud) : apports de la modélisation géochimique du comportement des éléments en trace.

Moyen, J.-F., Martin, H., et Jayananda, M., 1997.

C.R.Acad.Sci., Paris, 325 :659—664.

PDF - 567 kb

Late Archaean (2550–2520 Ma) juvenile magmatism in the Eastern Dharwar craton, southern India : constraints from geochronology, Nd-Sr isotopes and whole rock geochemistry.

Jayananda, M., Moyen, J.-F., Martin, H., Peucat, J.-J., Auvray, B., et Mahabaleswar, B., 2000.

Precamb.Res. 99 :225—254

PDF - 1.1 Mb

The Closepet granite (S.India) multi-elements geochemical modelling of Crust-Mantle interactions during late-Archaean crustal growth.

Moyen, J.-F., Martin, H., et Jayananda, M., 2001.

Precamb.Res., 112 :87—105.

PDF - 1.1 Mb

Contrasted granite emplacement modes within an oblique crustal section : the Closepet granite, South India.

Moyen, J.-F., Nédélec, A., Martin, H. et Jayananda, M., 2001.

Phys.Chem.Earth, 26 4-5 :295—301.

PDF - 563.6 kb

Secular changes in TTG composition as markers of the progressive cooling of the Earth.

Martin, H. et Moyen, J.-F., 2002.

Geology, 30 :319—322.

PDF - 487.2 kb

Syn-tectonic granite emplacement at all structural levels : the Closepet granite, South India.

Moyen, J.-F., Nédélec, A., Martin, H., Jayananda, M., et Mahabaleswar, B., 2003.

J.Struct.Geol., 25/4 :611–631.

PDF - 6.8 Mb

Late-Archaean granites : a typology based on the Dharwar Craton (India).

Moyen, J.-F. , Martin, H., Jayananda, M. et Auvray, B., 2003.

Precamb.Res., 127 :103–123.

PDF - 895.3 kb

From the roots to the roof of a granite : the Closepet granite, South India.

Moyen, J.-F. , Martin, H., Jayananda, M., Mahabaleswar, B. et Auvray, B., 2003.

J.Geol.Soc.India, 62-6 :753-768.

I do not have the final version of this paper - this file contains the latest (unformatted) manuscript.

PDF - 5.3 Mb

An overview of adakite, TTG and sanukitoid : relationships and some implications for crustal evolution.

Martin, H., Smithies, R.H., Rapp, R., Moyen, J.-F., et Champion, D., 2005.

Lithos, 79-1/2 :1–24.

PDF - 59.8 kb

Mantle wedge involvement in the petrogenesis of Archaean grey gneisses in West Greenland.

Steenfelt, A., Garde, A.A., et Moyen, J.-F., 2005.

Lithos, 79-1/2:207-228.

PDF - 2.4 Mb

The Archaean-Proterozoic transition: sanukitoid and Closepet-type magmatism.

Martin, H. and Moyen, J.-F., 2005

Mineralogical Society of Poland special papers, vol. 26:57-68

PDF - 394.7 kb

Experimental constraints on TTG petrogenesis : implications for Archaean geodynamics.

Moyen, J.-F. et Stevens, G., 2006.

In “Archaean geodynamics and environments”, AGU monographs n. 164, K. Benn, K.C. Condie and J.-C. Mareschal eds. Chapter 10, pp. 149–175.

Scanned from the book (the AGU refused to give the final pdf’s to the authors), so the quality is not too good.

PDF - 2.6 Mb

Record of mid-Archaean subduction from metamorphism in the Barberton terrain, South Africa.

Moyen, J.-F., Stevens, G. and Kisters, A., 2006.

Nature, 442(7102) :559-562

PDF - 1007.1 kb

Geology, geochemistry and deformation of supracrustal and granitic rocks NE of Kangaatsiaq : pre-nagssugtoqidian crustal evolution in the NNO.

Moyen, J.-F., et Watt, G.R, 2006.

Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Greenland, 11:33-52.

PDF - 1.1 Mb

Selective peritectic garnet entrainment as the origin of geochemical diversity in S-type granites.

Stevens, G., Villaros, A., et Moyen, J.-F.., 2007.

Geology 35(1):9-12

PDF - 207.5 kb

The role of crustal anatexis and mantle-derived magmas in the genesis of synorogenic hercynian granites of the Livradois area, french Massif Central.

Solgadi, F., Moyen, J.-F., Vanderhaeghe, O., Sawyer, E. and Reisberg, L., 2007.

Canadian Mineralogist 45:581-606.

PDF - 1.4 Mb

TTG plutons of the Barberton granitoid-greenstone terrain, South Africa

Moyen, J.-F., Stevens, G., Kisters, A.F.M. et Belcher, R., 2007 (book chapter for "Earth’s oldest rocks - Developments in Precambrian Geology 15". Van Kranendonk, Bennet and Smithies eds, Elsevier). Pages 607-667.

Unfortunately Elsevier does not supply the pdf file for the final version. You’ll find here the uncorrected proofs (better quality, some typos etc.) and a scan of the final product (poor quality, printed version). In addition, this is a book chapter... and all the references are at the end of the book. The reference list is > 160 pages long... I did not scan it. Sorry.

(Uncorrected proofs)

PDF - 2.2 Mb
Moyen et al. Barberton TTGs
Uncorrected proofs

(Final version)

PDF - 5.3 Mb
Moyen et al. Barberton TTGs
Scan of final document

Metamorphism in the Barberton Granite-Greenstone terrain: a record of mid-Archaean accretion.

Stevens, G. and Moyen, J.-F., 2007 (book chapter for "Earth’s oldest rocks - Developments in Precambrian Geology 15". Van Kranendonk, Bennet and Smithies eds, Elsevier). Pages 669-698.

Same comment as above...

(Uncorrected proofs)

PDF - 1.3 Mb
Stevens & Moyen Barberton metam.
Uncorrected proofs

(Scan of printed document)

PDF - 3.8 Mb
Stevens & Moyen Barberton metam.
Scan of printed document

The Late Archean Abitibi-Opatica terrane, Superior Province: A modified oceanic plateau

Benn, K. and Moyen, J.-F., 2008 (book chapter in "When Did Plate Tectonics Begin on Planet Earth?": Geological Society of America Special Paper 440, Condie, K.C. and Pease, V., eds). pp. 173-197.

Well, I’d be delighted to offer you a pdf for that one, but the GSA says: "Attached please find the final PDF file of chapter 9 in GSA Special Paper 440. Please note that this PDF file may be shared with your colleagues and used as a printed offprint would be, but it should not be posted on the Internet. Thank you for your help in this matter". So if you want a copy of the paper, just email me and I’ll send it to you. Silly isn’t it?

Dolerites of the Woodlark basin (Papuan Peninsula, New Guinea): a geochemical record of the influence of a neighbouring subduction.

Gardien, V., Lécuyer, C. and Moyen, J.-F., 2008

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 33:139-154

PDF - 752.7 kb

Instabilities development in partially molten rocks

Vigneresse, J.-L., Burg, J.-P. and Moyen, J.-F., 2008

Bolletino della Societa Geologica Italiano 127(2)

PDF - 667.6 kb

High Sr/Y and La/Yb ratios: the meaning of the "adakitic signature".

Moyen, J.-F., 2009.

Lithos 112:556-574.

Basically a long rant on the (mis)use of the name "adakite" to refer to pretty much any type of igneous rock known to man... But a popular paper nonetheless, judging by the number of reprint requests I get !

PDF - 1.7 Mb

The trace element compositions of S-type granites: evidence for disequilibrium melting and accessory phase entrainment in the source.

Villaros, A., Stevens, G., Moyen, J.-F. and Buick, I.S.

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology DOI 10.1007/s00410-009-0396-3

PDF - 1 Mb

in preparation, work in progress, etc.

Major and trace elements of granitic melts as a function of P-T conditions : reconciling experimental/thermodynamic data and trace elements geochemistry.

Moyen, J.-F. submitted (and eventually refused) to Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology.

This is the submitted version. It was refused on the (very justified) grounds that the method, while interesting, has no geological applications in this paper.

PDF - 2.3 Mb

Other documents of interest

Field guide to the Mid-Archaean Barberton Granite-Greenstone terrain

Moyen, J.-F., Stevens, G. and Kisters, A. post conference excursion, Sixth Hutton Symposium.

PDF - 19.8 Mb

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