Where on (google) Earth #136

Le 2 juillet 2008, par Jeff,

I was lucky enough to identify Candlemas Island in the Southern Sandwich for WoGE 135, due to a combination of (incorrect) deductions and plain cheating...

Let’s go for something different now.

WoGE 136

As usual, the winner should supply long-lat, together with a description of the geological features from this image.

I think we’ll not have Schott’s rule this round — it’s holidays for most of you in the Northern hemisphere anyway, which should have the same cooling effect...

Posted We. 2nd of July, 10:34 Cape Town time (GMT +2).

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WoGE 136
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Peter L
Le 2 juillet 2008
13.43N - 77.56E, 50 km north of Bangalore, India. It’s a snapshot of the Archaean Eastern Dharwar Craton with gneisses and granite gneisses cut by a N-S trending shear zone (also Archean) and somewhat younger E-W trending basaltic dykes. Further details on the broader area at http://jfmoyen.free.fr/spip.php ?article20 ;-)
Le 3 juillet 2008

Yes indeed Peter, well done... Hmm, I suppose a photo from my PhD area was a bit obvious.... :-)

WoGE 137 is yours...

Le 3 juillet 2008
PS- For interest’s sake, would you mind commenting on your reasonning ?
Peter L
Le 3 juillet 2008
Reasoning ? OK, here are some "secrets" : bare old relief with long dykes + clues of northern hemisphere location + poor vegetation + crowded survival agriculture + muddy lakes = cratonic India. BTW, although I knew that you are a craton expert, I didn’t try to trace your WoGE based on your personal profile :-) But funny enough, when tightening my research on the Dharwar Craton, your homepage popped up among the first hits. Anyway, it was a really enjoiable challenge, I fall for nicely exposed cratonic structures.
Peter L
Le 3 juillet 2008
...and here comes WoGE #137. Have fun !

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